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Downtown Dental is proud to announce its participation in the Ace Hotel Employee Health Fair!
It is the first time we have been on sight for the employees of the Ace Hotel and we enjoyed giving back some of the public's’ favorites: gift bags, tote bags, chap sticks, and whitening gel pens. All vendors there raffled off some of their most valuable products for free!

The hotel itself was beautiful and very antique-like located in the heart of modernized apartment complexes, making it stand out. All employees who attended had a chance to view some of the local vendors and their services and receive a giveaway.

It was such a pleasure to bring our fun and comforting office to the doorsteps of all who work at the Ace Hotel. We encourage you to please support your neighborhood/community and its local small businesses to help your neighborhood grow.
Dr. Don Mungcal
Downtown Dental, 255 South Grand Avenue Ste 204, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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