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When you don’t “use it,” fail to eat right or stay active, you “lose it.” Wave goodbye to all the gains you’ve made in the gym or on the trail! The same notion applies to routine check-ups. If you don’t see your dentist as advised, you lose oral health. Even with diligent home care, you still need to see us regularly.

Here are some reasons “why”
  • Many problems such as gum disease don’t have symptoms, especially in their earliest stages. Your dentist is trained to identify concerns early on, saving you lots of discomfort, money, and time in the treatment chair later.
  • Check-ups aren’t just about examining and cleaning teeth. The Downtown Dental team also performs head and neck exams to detect changes to lymph nodes and jaw joints, which may indicate oral cancers or conditions like TMJ Dysfunction.
  • Brushes and floss can’t remove everything! Once plaque has hardened, only properly trained professionals with the right dental instruments can remove that build-up or tartar.
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