Summer is finally here and there are plenty of reasons to smile and enjoy the sun! First, school is over for a few months giving students plenty of time to smile and enjoy some sun. Second, summer is the best time to take vacations because the students are out, meaning families have the chance to travel together and take vacations together.

A friendly reminder from your dentist, just because it is summer does not mean you can take a vacation from optimal oral health! Remember to always brush twice a day for at least two minutes and don't forget to floss every day! A tip for your summer would be to not drink any of those sugary drinks without the right guidance. Energy drinks, sodas, lemonade, even wine, and many other popular frosty fruity beverages that we favor in the summer contain added sugar and citric acid. Research shows that brushing immediately after meals or drinks that are acidic can be a real problem for our teeth. The acidic properties of these drinks can actually cause our tooth enamel to become temporarily more susceptible to erosion.

We’re all about taking care of your teeth and gums and making sure they are healthy for the rest of your life! Please call us to schedule an appointment if you do not have one yet. The number is 213-863-9464.
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