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Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation. Do your teeth look longer than they used to? Are you experiencing sensitivity?
As gums pull back, they expose some of the tooth's root. Bacteria builds up in the gap between enamel and soft tissue, leading to tooth decay at the gum line.

Dr. Don Mungcal is trained and certified in the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique. This innovative pinhole gum rejuvenation method restores gum contours. It gives Los Angeles’ patients a minimally invasive alternative to the discomfort and recovery time of traditional gum grafting. The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique requires only a small access hole made by a needle. Using a specially-designed instrument, Dr. Mungcal loosens gum tissue and gently shifts it to cover the area of recession.

Patients love this technique because:
  • There is no cutting, sutures, or open wounds, and very little tissue trauma.
  • Post-procedure discomfort, swelling, and bleeding are minimal.
  • Healing is fast. The hole usually closes in a day. Tiny collagen strips are inserted to stabilize gum tissue and speed healing.
  • Cosmetic improvement is immediate.
  • Results are long lasting with good oral hygiene.
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before and after image
before and after image
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