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7 easy steps to pediatric oral health
Childhood tooth decay can contribute to a lifetime of dental problems. The team at Aberdeen Dental shares these tips to protect your child’s oral wellness.
  1. First checkup by first birthday - An early start can save a lot of discomfort, inconvenience, and expense later.
  2. Establish good habits - Begin gently brushing gums every night with a soft baby toothbrush and water. When the first tooth comes in, start brushing twice daily. As soon as there are two adjacent teeth, it is time to start flossing.
  3. Avoid baby bottle decay - Give only fresh water at nap or nighttime.
  4. Dodge sugar addiction - Limit sugary drinks (including fruit juice) to no more than four ounces daily.
  5. Drink up - A sippy cup encourages sweet drinks all day long, fostering cavities. Switch to a regular cup as soon as possible.
  6. Toss the binkie - Use of a pacifier after age three can impede normal dental development.
  7. Take a firm stand - Most kids respond well to fun, enthusiastic encouragement to brush and floss their own teeth. Make oral hygiene a routine part of the day.
The most important thing you can do to promote your child’s oral health is to set a good example. Call 250-800-2664 to schedule checkups for both of you!
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At Aberdeen Dental Care, we know that families today are busy. The challenges of work and school combined with the scheduling extracurricular and social events can be overwhelming. Because of busy schedules, many parents try to find a dentist who can treat their entire family.

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“27 April 2017
Dr. Pita Dahliwal and Dr. Kevin O'Shea have been taking amazing care of me for seven years. I'm always impressed with how gentle yet thorough they are. With the latest technologies and now the modern clinic, I find myself recommending Aberdeen Dental to all my friends and family. ”

- Anonymous.

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